Condor Bullets uses ONLY the best of the best materials. All copper, solid lead cores, plus all materials are all top grade!

Currently Condor Bullets makes three caliber choices with a fourth on the way:


6.5 Caliber: Available in Non-Tipped bullets…Don’t let the non-tipped versions fool you these will deliver! –$43.50 per 50

The 6.5s are vld for maximum distance shooting. The 6.5s also come in the efficient RBT (Rebated Boat Tail) design.

Weights available: 120 grain, 130 grain, 140 grain, 142 grain, 150 grain, 155 grain, 160 grain. special weights can are available upon request.


Diameter – .264 + pressure ring .0005

BC – Unverified

Note: This bullet design was tested on a Juenke bullet spinner device with VERY little runout! Target shooters report very good results at 600 yards.

Condor 30 caliber30 Caliber: Available in Stainless Steel Tips $45.90 per 50 non- tipped bullets $43.50 per 50

The .30s are based on a 10s Ogive or a hybrid ULD design with the efficient RBT (Rebated Boat Tail). We have found that these bullets gain more than a 50 FPS increase over factory VLD style bullets fired from the same rifle, same load, same seating depth and distance. Results were verified using two chronographs with multiple shots and sessions.

Weights available: 200 grain, 210 grain, 215 grain, 220 grain, 230 grain, 250 grain. custom weights/lengths can are available upon request.


Diameter – .308+ pressure ring .0005

BC – Unverified

40 Caliber: Available in Stainless Steel Tips and non-tipped bullets. – $110 per 50, $58 per 25

The .40s are based on a ULD Ogive with a flat base design. They have been designed to shoot in modern smokeless muzzleloading velocities. Independent BC verification testing in progress.

Weights available: 225 grain, 240 grain, 260 grain, 300 grain, 325 grain, custom weights lengths can be made available upon request.


Diameter – .4005 or .403

BC – Unverified

Note: These bullets were designed to shoot in a sabotless 40 caliber rifle with a 1:16 twist. Shooting without the tips can be saboted in a 50 caliber rifle with the proper sabot combination.

45 Caliber: Coming soon!

The .45s are being designed to shoot extended ranges. They are for use in smokeless and blackpowder applications.