About Condor Bullets

Hi, and welcome to Condor Bullets. Condor Bullets became a small Manufacture of Ammunition In 2012. Condor has set our sights out to create the ultimate hunting bullet after hearing, reading, and listening to fellow hunters, target shooters and sportsman from various parts of the country. Although we are not widely know as some of the larger companies, we construct all our bullets with match grade materials using nothing but the highest grades of lead and copper that are not found in the large manufacturing products. We make bullets that perform on the range and on game.

We don’t tout false information or inflated BC number. Instead we let our customer’s decide what is best used in his or her selected rifle platform, distance, game, etc… We will only provide the results of our actual shooting experience and or our independent verification using actual verified results. We will make recommendations as to bullet choice per game your seeking to hunt and caliber if asked.

I am an Engineer/Architect by trade and bullet making is something I want to do to improve what we love to do. So many times we gravel in the fact that boxes read one thing and the items in the box does another… With that said, it is my hopes that your experiences and hunts are successful, as we are just as excited about your experience using Condors as you are on your successful hunt.

— Thank you for reading about Condor Bullets.