40 Caliber (.4005 diameter)

40 Caliber: Available in Stainless Steel Tips and non-tipped bullets. – $110 per 50, $58 per 25

The .40s are based on a ULD Ogive with a flat base design. They have been designed to shoot in modern smokeless muzzleloading velocities. Independent BC verification testing in progress.

Weights available: 225 grain, 240 grain, 260 grain, 300 grain, 325 grain, custom weights lengths can be made available upon request.


Diameter – .4005

BC – Unverified

Note: These bullets were designed to shoot in a sabotless 40 caliber rifle with a 1:16 – 1:13 twist. Shooting without the tips can be saboted in a 50 caliber rifle with the proper sabot combination.